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Doctor Who Wallpaper - Made to Measure & Preset Size

Officially licensed wallpaper murals based on the latest BBC series of Doctor Who staring Matt Smith as the Time Lord. The murals include images of the Doctors legendary adversaries the Darleks and his sentient time machine the Tardis, with one mural shows the dimensionally transcendental inside of the Tardis, as the Doctor would say. Chose from one of these murals to bring a wall truly to life.

We sell both preset size murals which come pre-packaged and already produced to a specific size. These can be trimmed or positioned centrally as  a feature. Or we can make a wall to fit your exact wall dimensions so it fits perfectly.If you don’t have a full wall free, and have some furniture (i.e. wardrobe) in one position. Let us know the size and dimensions and we can modify the mural to maximize the space available without hiding the wow factor behind your furniture.

IMPORTANT: For made to measure murals only, all prices quoted are per square metre. To calculate how many square metres you require please use the Quantity Calculator link below and then enter the required value in the quantity dropdown box when ordering...

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